Speaker Topics and Content: Sustainability for the Future

Speaker Topics #1
Courage and Motivation

Future, I’m coming

Today, all industries are in upheaval. Only the courageous and motivated among us will be able to celebrate later on. This part describes how we can make use of daring and optimism in new ways. Rejoice, for what’s coming will be good.

Direct benefit for the audience:

  • New trust in change
  • A fresh wind for the company
  • Infectious optimism


Speaker Topics #2
Leadership and Team

Find your true strengths.

Once upon a time, we all had superhero powers or at least we believed we did. This talk restores this absolute trust. Interactive scientific experiments activate any audience to play along. Little superheroes are slumbering inside all of us, so let’s wake them up.

What everybody gets from this:

  • Optimism for starting out
  • Joy in moving forward
  • The certainty: I can do that.

Speaker Topics #3
Risik and Results

Deciding on the limit.

How can we succeed in giving everything?

And how do we reach the top even if things go downhill at first? This part illuminates the courageous action between heaven and earth. For down-to-earth ideas that get wings. And for results that impress.

The effects for the guests:

  • Fear is transformed into action
  • New energies at the right moment
  • Coolness, even when things get hot

„Motivating impulses custom-tailored to our topic.

 Clever content, authentic style, and a great deal of humor. It fit the bill 100%!“

Procter & Gamble Austria

Strong images and stories

 Marc Hauser tells of his adventures, which fascinate and at the same time touch people. In this talk, he shows the most exciting images and film clips from his missions. The audience experiences what he did and takes off for new horizons. You can look forward to a speech that motivates people to take that decisive step.Precisely because Marc Hauser is not a classic hero, he reaches his audience directly. Look forward to new daring for your life.

About Pippi Longstocking and the Marlboro Man


Team players vs. superheroes

In everyday life, the stage has long since belonged to the team players. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the team performs well. But when things get serious, we need true luminaries and good pioneers who can also strike out on their own and blaze the trail. Only where are these leader figures when you need them? And how can we become courageous pioneers?

Nobody needs a garden-variety motivational speaker, especially not a hyped up good-mood-spreader.

What we’re missing is the reminder of times when we took the wheel into our own hands without taking selfies and paying attention to followers. Equipped with a little bit of heroic courage and optimism for setting out on new adventures.

I’ll bring this virtue back to the public in my speeches.

Do you remember the Marlboro Man on the horse or the Camel man with his overalls and machete?

Both were completely on their own and entirely satisfied with this. Suddenly, you see these images in your mind’s eye. Among the very young, the penny drops a little later. You shouldn’t start smoking; my concern is the rediscovery of your own strengths and the joy of being out there on your own sometimes. And this according to the motto of Astrid Lindgren’s character Pippi Longstocking, when she says, “I’ve never tried that before, but I’m completely sure that I can do it.”

A speach with substance for management and the squad. And beyond.

As an entrepreneur and adventurer, I organize and finance my projects by myself.

This gives me a kind of independence that some people regard as leadership. But essentially, we should all be leaders of our team in our area, whether we want to do this or not. I provide support for my listeners along the way.Speaker TopicsSpeaker Topics

They can look forward to exciting and entertaining content. And to the hearty laughter of the audience.

Speaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker Topics

In my talks, I like to flesh out catchwords:

  • Agility – How I always get up, even after the 6th knee operation
  • Change – About the change of continents, about reorientation at 7600 meters above sea level
  • Resiliency – In expeditions, crisis is the normal state of affairs. How it’s possible to dive into hopelessness full of hope.
  • Industry 4.0 – This will not be the last change. Anyone who can count to three already knows this.
  • Risk-management – How you decide to freefall in hurricane strength winds. And how you can let yourself fall into the uncertain.
  • Work-life balance – Anyone who doesn’t regard work as part of life is in the wrong place.
  • Disruption – Why it’s best to invent your own discipline.

Energy for the future – The high-altitude wind power adventure with the BBC

Innovation for the energy future of tomorrow

In our BBC World News series about the jet stream adventure, we pursue current developments in the high-altitude wind energy sector. Wind currents at great heights have an unbelievable potential that we have not yet put to use. In the documentary film, we present three Swiss start-ups that are leaders in this very promising field. In addition to Brainwhere, these are the companies Skypull and TwingTec.

This talk can be booked with the focal point “clean energy.” Speaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker TopicsSpeaker Topics

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Let’s just remember.
We don’t have to learn anything new. I often experience how liberating this realization is for my audience.
We can only remember what true daring and leadership mean.
In principle, we all know that very well. Let’s bring these images back to life together.


Marc Hauser

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