Rhetoric private course | Rhetoric coaching 1:1 in Zurich | Bern | Basel | Lucerne | St. Gallen

“You don't see the strongest rhetoric training in the participants.
The graduates just look worlds better than before.”

Marc Hauser, rhetoric trainer

The individual coaching of the international speaker Marc Hauser

3 hours of intensive consultation | CHF 880.- | With professional speaker | For the fastest success

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Delight your audience

The private intensive training with the direct benefit

  1. Communicate more clearly
  2. Stronger leadership
  3. Enjoy the lecture more
  4. appear more winning
  5. Better customer presentation
  6. Sell ​​significantly more
  7. success with the audience

A performance with serenity becomes a pleasure

This course gives you more self-confidence and expands your presentation skills. The direct training allows you to send a stronger message. If you present more professionally, many doors will open on their own. Anyone who can present themselves naturally and convincingly in front of people is trusted more in every area. A rhetoric course is much more than further training. It is an investment in your personal growth, both professionally and personally. It's personal development!

Keynote speaker as trainer

Marc Hauser is one of the most booked speakers in Switzerland.
The professional speaker earns his living by appearing on big stages.
Hauser has been standing since 2012 professionally as a speaker in front of an international audience.
Now he shares his insights with ambitious course participants in his private training.

“I would have liked to have attended this course 10 years ago.
That would have made me much better much faster.”

Marc Hauser

The content according to your wishes. A possible selection of topics:

★ Dealing with fears and blackouts
★ Transport enthusiasm
★ Tonality and Voice
★ Use of humor
★ Body language and gestures
★ Small rhetorical “tricks” with a big impact

Your request for rhetoric coaching

12 + 9 =

No crash course: “How to become a celebrated speaker overnight and get rich at the same time!”

In this rhetoric training, you will not become a well-booked speaker overnight.
My rhetoric training will help you to represent your position better, to hold more interesting lectures and presentations, and to sell more successfully. Think of the conference room to present your quarterly figures to the board of directors, your sales floor to get your product out there or a meeting to convince investors to invest in your start-up. My private coaching will help you with all these projects.

And if you are interested in a career as a speaker, I would be happy to give you helpful tips on how to get started. For free.

“What you can read about rhetoric in books is impressive.
But training with a professional moves mountains in record time.
I promise."

Marc Hauser

Methods of individual coaching

Let yourself be surprised by a wealth of valuable information and practical exercises. Personal inputs from everyday speaker life alternate with interactive exercises for your own performance.

Methods of individual coaching

The rhetoric training is aimed at everyone who speaks in front of people. Also to those who still have reservations about speaking publicly. It's not my goal to make you a world-class speaker right away. But if we succeed in creating more joy in the presentation, we are well on the way there. What I can do is inspire, share my experiences, give valuable individual tips and motivate to new heights when giving presentations.

The rhetoric training is particularly suitable for people who want to improve their impact in a targeted manner.
And for everyone who would like to benefit efficiently from the concentrated know-how of a professional speaker:

  • C-level, management, executives
  • Sales talent and those who want to become one
  • People who have to assert themselves in the company
  • People who want to strengthen their communication skills in private life

“Nobody needs rhetoric.
It is enough to tell a story with genuine enthusiasm.
I'll show you how to do it in class."

Marc Hauser

"Marc Hauser has a great deal of experience and a corresponding repertoire of instruments, which he uses in a targeted manner. He is very attentive, has good empathic skills and knows how to challenge his counterpart. He has the ability to recognize the weaknesses or their causes of his counterpart very quickly. Marc sets specific impulses for self-reflection and also provides the necessary tools. In summary: If you want to take as much as possible with you in a short time, you should Marc Hauser in good hands."

Phuong Dang, swisscom

“I have received consistently positive feedback from Council members. What is particularly appreciated is that you are able to get down to the speaking level of the course participants and come across as 'one of us'. The many practical tips were also included and will hopefully be implemented on the next assignment. Conclusion: it was an all-round successful retreat. Thank you for everything.”

Ernst Kohler, municipal clerk and financial administrator
Municipal administration Trub