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We protect names and brands. And we fight for your rights. Even in court if necessary.

Safeguarding Your New Name…

…begins with Crafting an Exquisite, One-of-a-Kind Identity

How we work at the naming agency (erfolgswelle® AG)

At erfolgswelle® Ltd, we specialize in creating unique names from scratch. Our process involves collaborating with a diverse and talented international team of namers and creatives located across the globe. Together, we generate extensive lists of potential names for your company or product.

To ensure only the most exceptional ideas are presented to our clients, we employ the expertise of Namer Marc Hauser.
Marc meticulously filters through the vast array of suggestions, identifying the true gems among them.

Once the refined selection is ready, it’s time for the client to participate.
We organize an engaging on-site workshop where the client can choose their favorite names from this curated list.

Following this workshop, we narrow down the options to a final selection of approximately 5-8 names.
These chosen names undergo a thorough examination by our experienced trademark lawyer, who ensures their legal viability and protection as an international trademark.

Ultimately, after passing all the necessary pre-tests, we typically arrive at 2-3 names that possess the greatest potential for achieving international trademark protection.

erfolgswelle® AG: Protecting names – and fighting for their rights

Protecting brands – and fighting for brands with erfolgswelle® AG


We protect brands – and if necessary, we will fight for you. For anyone who develops company names or product names puts just as much energy into the name creation  and into the establishment of their own brand that extensive protection is worthwhile. On through to the fight before the courts.

Strong names & brands are no accident


Anyone who wants to gain a lot also has something to lose. Only someone who gives everything to the market can achieve successes. With precisely this will, we defend our brands. Preferably in advance – with the appropriate tradmark in the active markets.

Attorney and lawyer for trademark law and naming law


The attorneys and lawyers at our side are experts in national and international tradmark law. They serves as advisors for brand registration. And they have extensive trial experience before the courts. Thus, our customers enjoy the greatest possible protection for their brands.

Our service


Brand names created by erfolgswelle® enjoy 10-year trademark protection.*

* The trademark protection applies for 10 years for Switzerland.

After that, the duration of trademark protection can be extended at reduced rates at the request of the customer. (trademark protection for Europe/worldwide upon request)


Bernard Volken

Why It’s Crucial to Secure Trademark Protection for Your New Name

You might initially believe that safeguarding your new brand isn’t a top priority, especially if you have no plans to take legal action against other providers operating under the same name in different locations. This perspective is understandable. However, let’s consider the future: as you invest substantial effort into building and nurturing your brand, it’s only natural for its success to grow. With increased visibility and admiration, there’s a higher likelihood that others may seek to imitate your brand, even in other countries. Now, imagine a competitor in the same industry wanting to use your name because they’ve already cultivated a strong image (something you achieved through years of dedicated work).

This new competitor manages to secure trademark protection for their brand in their own country and, unfortunately, extends this protection to your country as well. The legal ramifications of such a situation can put your entire investment at risk and potentially obliterate your brand altogether.

To prevent this potential disaster with minimal effort, we strongly advise you to pursue trademark protection for your new brand, if feasible. At erfolgswelle® Ltd., we are here to assist you throughout this process. Don’t hesitate to contact us and take the necessary steps to safeguard your brand’s future.

Trademark Protection Attorney-at-Law for our naming agency in Switzerland: Bernard Volken

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