Creation of new first names / baby names by erfolgswelle® Ltd. Switzerland

We are not looking for children’s names, we create them.

Our Baby Naming Service on BBC One – The One Show (from minute 1:40)

Your child will be the first with this newly developed first name. And probably not the last.


Your child has earned a new and independent name. For being called the same thing as countless others is not a great art..



Pioneers in baby naming since 2015

As an international naming agency, we dare to take this step: the creation of new first names for children.

Would you like to find a unique name for your unborn child?
A wonderful first name that sounds so good that it just had to be invented? A brand-new name with an exciting derivation and unmistakable history? children’s

We will create one for you – and for your child.



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The creative team

This is how we create new and never heard first names for children

For the creation of new children’s names, we place special value on the following elements:

  • Sound and rhythm of the first name
  • Uniqueness of the new name
  • Appearance and design of the font
  • Meaning and derivation of the word components
  • Historical and cultural family background 
  • Harmony with the last name
  • Worldwide brand and language checks

Price for a new child’s name

The investment in the creation of a new first name for your child corresponds to our rate for international naming:
$34,000 USD new fist names new first names new first names new first names

Can children’s names be protected?

No, fortunately not. It is enough for companies to fight over trademarks. And we think it’s very important that children have different names than well-known registered trademarks. We ensure this with our research in trademark registers .

The spectrum of services of our name-finding for children’s first names

  • Checking of the first name in the 12 most frequently spoken names in the world (5.4 billion people speak one of these languages)
  • Derivation of the name from etymological and phonetic points of view.
  • We develop a credible new history and mythology around the new name.

new fist names new first names new first names new first names

Media reports worldwide

„Lord of the Names“
NZZ Mediagroup about Marc Hauser

new first names

Investment in your child’s future

Can you claim that you are the first person with your name? We can’t either. However your child will be able to claim precisely this pioneering role for him or herself. For all time!

Press and media inquiries

For press enquiries, please contact Marc Hauser,   Managing Director and owner of erfolgswelle®

Thank you.

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Do you have questions about creating new first names?

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