Speaker Marc Hauser

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Jet stream jump June 30, 2018 Forbes, NSW Australia

Jet stream training in Ampuriabrava, Spain

Training for the first world record in 2012

Vitae Marc Hauser

Vita in detail

  • 2020 Founding of ZENVENTURES GmbH
    (documentary film productions)
  • 2019 Guinness Book of Records Recognition:
    First skydive into the jet stream
  • 2018 First human jump in the jet stream
  • 2017-2018 newRecord project with BBC World News
  • 2017 Mediation through 12 speaker agencies worldwide
  • 2013 to present: Professional speaker + entrepreneur
  • 2013 Founding of erfolgswelle® AG Naming Agency
  • 2012 project manager association „Youth and Economy“
  • 2012 World Record horizontal Speed ​​Skydiving, 304 kph
  • 2003 Founding of the text agency waveofsuccess.ch / erfolgswelle
  • 2001 federal diploma  teacher language & communication
  • 1992 Graduated as a secondary school teacher in the canton of Bern
  • 1971 on 24.10. born in Lausanne (Switzerland)
    Languages: German, English, French
    Family: two adult daughters
    Place of residence: Bern
    Licenses in the field of adventure/sport Parachuting (member of the United States Parachute Association/ Aeroclub Schweiz), gliding , powered flight, acrobatic flying, diving, motor boat, motorcycle, surfing, kite surfing, sailing inland and offshore.


    Other interests:
    Philosophy, science, sustainability + high-tech, psychology

    Marc Hauser at Wikipedia

Short CV

  • 2020 Founding of ZENVENTURES GmbH
    (documentary film productions)
  • 2019 Guinness Book of Records entry
  • 2018 First Jetstream Jump
  • 2013 to present: Professional speaker + entrepreneur
  • 2013 Founding of erfolgswelle® AG Naming Agency
  • 2012 world record horizontal speed ​​skydiving
  • 2003 Founding of the successful text agency (sole proprietorship)
  • 2001 federal diploma vocational school teacher general education, language & communication
  • 1992 Graduated as a secondary school teacher in the canton of Bern
  • Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1971
    Marc Hauser at Wikipedia

Text for event flyers and invitations

World record holder and entrepreneur In 2018, the Swiss made the first human jump into the jet stream. Since then, Marc Hauser has held the world record in the Guinness Book of Records for this first jump. BBC World News accompanied him with a three-part documentary series. It also deals with the still largely unknown phenomenon of high-altitude wind energy generation. His topic is the „courage to innovate in the future“ and he wants to turn his audience into heroes. Hauser is the founder and owner of the name agency success wave® AG. He creates new names for companies and products with international teams. As a brave adventurer, he also holds the world speed record in horizontal free fall. He says of himself: „I’m not a classic hero at all – rather the opposite.“ The two-meter man impresses with exciting stories, impressive experiments and fine humor. Experience this motivating entrepreneur and frontier worker. And let yourself be inspired by refreshing ideas and exciting perspectives with strong content. Marc Hauser is a real hero maker. Marc Hauser *1971 from Bern is an entrepreneur, adventurer and professional speaker.

Possible title for the presentation

„Flying doesn’t need wings – how we can look to the future with confidence.“

Brief description of the content of the presentation

In his presentation, Marc Hauser tells the fascinating story of a real adventure. He takes his audience to unimagined heights and he lets his audience participate in explorations that are simply breathtaking. His insights from extreme situations can be applied in everyday business as well as in private life. This brings new confidence, especially with regard to an uncertain future. The impressive images and strong film scenes are memorable. Interactive experiments create aha moments and Hauser’s humor opens hearts. Get ready for this refreshing journey into the unfathomable.

Portrait of Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser is the Swiss Guinness World Record holder who made the first jump into the high-altitude hurricane winds of the jet stream. He combines his missions with the latest technologies for a clean future. He produced a three-part series from this mission for BBC World News.

The Berner is used to extreme situations and he shares the little secrets of great success with us. As an entrepreneur, he creates new brand names for companies and products.

Now the two-meter man faces a new challenge – the current adventure takes him under water. Look forward to breathtaking stories between heaven and earth – and the ocean.

Moderation / Announcement before the speech

Variant: focus world record and adventure

  1. Our speaker today is the fastest person in the world and in the Guinness Book of Records.
  2. His theme is courage. He talks about future innovation and true heroism.
  3. In 2018, he became the first human to free fall into a jet stream. BBC World News reported it globally.
  4. Welcome with me the adventurer and entrepreneur Marc Hauser.

Variant: focus on entrepreneurs

  1. Our speaker today is an entrepreneur and adventurer.
  2. Innovation is his theme. He invents names for companies and products. As the founder and owner, he heads one of the leading naming agencies in Europe.
  3. Our guest is also an adventurer: in 2018 he became the first person to free fall into a jet stream and was recognized for this by the Guinness Book of Records. BBC World News reported it globally.
  4. Welcome the entrepreneur Marc Hauser with me.

    Technical requirements and requests

    Stage Riders / Tech Riders
    • Microphone (headset) from approx. 60 people
    • Projector
    • 1 chair (audience chair is ideal)
    • Laptop with sound connection and presenter
    • The programs Quicktime and VLC Player should be installed li>
    • 1 paper reinforced white, unlined: 1 A5 per listener
    • 1 black felt-tip pen, middle line per listener
    • Hall microphones for a planned discussion
    • Still water
    • 1 assistant for distributing the gold foils
    • No standing desk needed
    • No special meal requests
    Lighting Please allow enough light into the audience during the hall experiments. The experiments are announced. Music and sound Please use high volume during the experiments and videos Equipment that I always bring with me
    • Backup laptop or iPad with all cables
    • USB stick with presentation, format pptx
    • Exhibits (e.g. parachute helmet/record suit)
    • 24k gold note for experiment
    Arrival and accommodation From Bern, Switzerland (Flight: Business Class or Economy with Extra Legspace) or by car (€/CHF 1.00/km) Hotel: at the customer’s choice

      Organization in general

      Powerpoint presentation
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      • Please download the presentation onto your laptop that will be used at the event.
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      Flyer Redner Marc Hauser (druckfähig)

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