Keynote Speaker Marc Hauser: The film

In December 2018, BBC World News showed the three-part documentary film “CHASING THE JET STREAM” around the world.
Now the film is available online and it can be purchased for lectures as an audience present/give-away for the guests.
In 2019, the film was shown in theaters in various cities and featured internationally at film festivals.

In 2018, the book “Schweiz 2291” with Marc Hauser as guest author was published by the Weber Verlag.


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Documentary film

“CHASING THE JET STREAM” accompanies Marc Hauser’s adventurous leap as the first person in the jet stream.

Content, topics, and mission

The documentary film by the filmmaker Claudio von Planta explains the background of the jet stream phenomenon and its potential as high-wind energy supplier of the future with the preparations for the big jump. In the film, three Swiss start-ups in the high-altitude wind power sector are presented.

Film locations

Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Great Britain.

Duration of the film

74 min. (director’s cut in English)
Rental and purchase of the original-length film

Full version director’s cut

English version
74 Minuten

Shortened TV-Version

English subtitles
58 minutes

Shortened TV Version

English Version
58 minuten

Shortened TV Version

English Version
58 Minuten

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The book by the keynote speaker Marc Hauser

“SCHWEIZ 2291”

70 personalities

Marc Hauser is one of seventy Swiss who describe their views of Switzerland in 2291.
A book by Christian Häuselmann.

Content of the book

In celebration of the 1000th birthday of the Swiss Confederation, 70 Swiss recorded their thoughts on the future situation of Switzerland.

Marc Hausers Beitrag im Buch

In seiner Zukunftsvision zeichnet der Schweizer Redner ein kontroverses und spannendes Szenario seiner Heimat.

Other authors in this book

Claude Nicollier | André Borschberg | Marco Solari | Zoë Jenny | Carolina Müller-Möhl | Arthur Cohn, etc.

Order source

The book was published in 2018 by the Weber Verlag.

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