speaker | Speaker references Marc Hauser

“Thank you for your great presentation!”

Philipp Bodzenta, Director Public Affairs & Communication Central Europe Coca-Cola

“Marc visited us for a trivago Academy session in January 2017. With his interesting and motivated talk 'Secrets of Superhero Storytelling' he shared his biggest success stories to motivate us to create possibilities in uncharted territory, stay creative and fight our fears.”
Vladislav Indikov, organizational development, trivago Academies
“Motivating impulses, tailored to our topic. Clever content, authentic style and lots of humor. That was 100% correct!”

Tobias Grafe, Managing Director from Procter & Gambling Austria

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation at the HP Partner Forum. I also want to thank you for the quality and the perfect presentation. The response was great - the HP dealers rated you very well. You were the highlight of the event!”

Handrea Campos, Channel Events Manager Hewlett-Packard

“More valuable and motivating lecture , a down-to-earth speaker. Despite the long working day, the audience was very attentive and interested. THANKS!"
Michel F. Christa, AXA Winterthur


“Your appearance at our kick-off conference was refreshingly entertaining and inspiring for all participants.

Overcome personal boundaries – who doesn't have to! Thanks very much."

Marc Baumgartner, CEO of Würth AG

“It was a pleasure to have you as a keynote speaker.
I really enjoyed the session.”

Sammeer Sharma, Executive Director and Head Bancassurance Standard Chartered Bank , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

" M arc Hauser is Speakers with depth and passion . A speaker who speaks from person to person. He inspired the sports and business elite of our It was an honor for us to have Mr. Hauser as a guest speaker.”
Anton Schutti, Managing Director Austrian Sports Aid
"Marc Hauser is an example of what true courage means.” Werner Dubacher, CEO Raiffeisen
"Marc Hauser inspired us with its authenticity and living pioneering spirit. A brilliant start to the squad day with Afterburner!”

Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board by Pilatus Aircraft

" It was great fun again and the response was fantastic!”

Anna von Sydow, member of the management of Halter AG

"Marc Hauser gives the impulse for lateral thinking.”

Nicole Gilhausen, Head of Marketing, Schulthess machines

“Your presentation was really well received!
The echoes I've heard are "thrilled".

Alex Wassmer, President and Chief Executive Officer of KIBAG Holding AG


" Mr. Hauser is an authentic and inspiring keynote speaker. </span>He has one uncomplicated and at the same time professional way of dealing with people, thanks Marc Hauser we were able to spend touching and unforgettable moments with the international participants.
Marc Hauser has achieved its goal of motivating our employees to go one step further and take on bigger challenges.”

John Mueller, CEO of Datwyler Cabling Solutions AG

"You Lecture was very well received by our employees. Thank you again for the exciting and inspiring hour with you! ” Arnold Marty, CEO Tobler group

" Great lecture! Refreshing, encouraging and humorous!

The motivational lecture by Marc Hauser seduces everyone to go to their limits and sometimes to exceed them. A really successful event – ​​both for us and for our invited guests.”

Alice Fahrion, Orion

“Your lecture was very well received by us: A great mixture of adventure, seriousness and humor! The hero maker lecture made our own heroic hearts beat faster.”< /strong>

Jacqueline Scheuner, CEO career plus

“An interesting, encouraging and exciting lecture.

Marc Hauser expands the horizons of his audience and he inspires.”


"Marc Hauser performs in such a way that he captivates his listeners from the first second – whether speaking in German or French. He uses the power of playfulness and he easily manages to conjure up a smile on the audience's faces. “This speaker is interested in the actions of his fellow human beings and he supports them. That could be felt. Marc Hauser is someone who tackles things: You have to imagine – he's afraid of flying and today he holds a world speed record in parachuting. That's crazy! But just as great. And what he experiences, he passes on to the listener LIVELY, OPEN and full of HEART.”

Martin Schmid / Stefan Schätti BRUNEX, Brunegg Ltd

“I want to thank you again for your great contribution. The participants of the feedback round unanimously praised your presentation.”
Rita Mueller, MARKANT Syntrade Schweiz AG
“A keynote speaker who inspires excellence – by going deep.”

Beat Burlet CEO Bucher Lightweight AG

“Our guests liked it and they felt very well entertained by you. You have impressively shown them at which top performances we are impressed despite fears and your motto 'fighting hormone up - stress hormone down'."

Monica Fehlmann Marketing / Events / PR The circle

"Marc Hauser took our people on a flight of fancy. It was an inspiring lecture that gave us courage and strengthened our imagination. What our audience particularly appreciated was that he also revealed his own shortcomings and fears. The bought identification and proximity. “It was a good decision to have our employee day with Marc Hauser to enrich. The Lecture is well remembered. The response is good, very good. That was just the right content.”

Michael Haller, Head of Corporate Communications Bruggli

“Thank you again for your engagement at our conference. I received a lot of positive feedback on your performance. I also thought it was good that you referred to statements that I had previously presented. It came from a single source.”

Christophe Schmidt, CEO Oswald Food GmbH

"Exhilarating" "Motivating" "Forward thinking" "Stimulating" "Whimsy"
Guests at the inauguration ceremony below white print
“Bubbly, fast and entertaining: Marc Hauser encourages you to go beyond your own limits.”

Carlo Vercelli, Managing Director, JardinSuisse

“With his looks, he immediately captivated all 170 people present. The next morning everyone went to work like heroes. We thank Marc Hauser for the first class presentation.”

Municipal Council of Thalwil

“I want to thank you again <em>for the great experience we were allowed to have with you . Her lecture was very entertaining, varied and entertaining. Her exciting theses about setting a goal that is completely un-Swiss encouraged the audience to fly high. The feedback from the audience was consistently positive because everyone was able to take away a message for themselves. The atmosphere at the subsequent aperitif was fantastic and your positive, motivating and humorous manner was taken away. For us, it was an all-round successful event that inspired everyone.”
Andreas Haueter, President Commercial Kreuzlingen
“Creative, exciting and real! The feedback was consistently extremely positive. Marc Hauser even brings musicians from the reserve! </span>Just great!“
Anita Flurina Ströhle Headmistress of Music school in Appenzell
"I was impressed by you as a personality, I really enjoyed your presentation."

Andreas Kyburz, Managing Director procure.ch

"Mr. Hauser managed to point out different types of communication with his pictorial way, which opened our eyes."
Brigitte Finch, Reproad AG
"Marc Hauser is an exciting and likeable personality. He captivated the audience's attention right from the start and entertained with excitement and wit at a consistently high level.</em>

A win for our business evening.”

Marc Heimoz, Management Deck Inc

“The entire team would like to thank you for the exciting, inspiring and passionate, humorous and very personable lecture.

You gave us valuable tips that we will always remember.”

Beppino Candolo, CEO Flat glass Switzerland


"Motivating and inspiring lecture for the whole team with praise from all sides."
M. Ganzoni, Director of Marketing at VII Health care Switzerland

“My employees are very enthusiastic about you. Me too. You are so refreshingly anti-hero and have a very good storytelling style. The audience hangs on your every word and is infected by your heroic deeds.”
Carmen Haag, President of the Government of the canton of Turgau
Exhilarating, self-deprecating and very amusing!

Jörg Winzenhöller, Senior Director and authorized signatory
Autodesk Germany GmbH

"How Marc picked us up from our day-to-day business with a 'jet stream' and inspires his adventures, visions and philosophies of life.

Our more than 180 customers, employees and I personally were able to experience a real enrichment.

Marc, it was just great. Thanks very much."

Thomas Grogg

Managing Director of Amstein + Walthert Bern AG

“Thank you for the gripping presentation at our club event! Pioneer spirit through and through. The message of the first man in the jet stream resonated with our entrepreneurs: 'Boldly turn your dreams into experiences.'”
Matthias Weibel, Managing Director RUZ Raiffeisen Entrepreneur Center
"We go through the world with a brave smile."

Reto Weber, Management gwp

“The event was really a hit – I received consistently positive feedback.
The guests loved it.”
Markus Blaser, member of the Board of Directors of the BEKB


“Marc wowed the audience at the 1st Indian WTFL Start-Up Innovation Camp. It was a breathtaking experience to have him on stage. This is what Swiss innovation for a sustainable future looks like! "
<em>World Tourism Forum Lucerne

Prof. Martin Barth, President & Managing Director

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