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Protect company names, product names and trademark rights thanks to a law firm specializing in trademark protection. erfolgswelle® AG fight for your right. If necessary also in court - with one of the best trademark lawyers: Bernard Volken.

erfolgswelle® AG: Have names and brands protected worldwide with comprehensive networking to the strongest IP law firms

erfolgswelle® AG Trademark law & trademark protection: We protect your name and trademark effectively – worldwide if you wish.

Protect brands - and fight for brands erfolgswelle® AG


We protect brands - and if necessary we fight for them too. Because anyone who develops a company name or product name puts so much energy into it name creation  and in building your own brand that comprehensive protection is worthwhile. If necessary, up to and including a fight in court.

Strong names & brands are no coincidence


If you want to win a lot, you also have a lot to lose. Only those who are fully committed to the market can achieve success. It is precisely with this will that we defend our brands thanks to cooperation with the world's strongest law firms. Preferably quite frankly and in advance - with the appropriate protection of our brands in the active markets.

trademark protection erfolgswelle® AG


From erfolgswelle® created brand names enjoy a trademark protection* of 10 years.

The duration of the trademark protection can then be extended at a reduced cost at the request of the customer. (Trademark protection for Europe/ worldwide by arrangement)

Lawyer and lawyer for trademark law, trademark protection and naming law


The lawyers and attorneys at our side are experts in national and international trademark law. They act as consultants for trademark registration. And they have extensive litigation experience in court. Our customers thus enjoy the greatest possible protection for their brands.

International network of the best trademark attorneys

Do you want to register your trademark internationally and protect it reliably? We are in personal contact with renowned law firms and trademark attorneys worldwide. No other naming agency in Europe offers you this global network with direct contacts.

Bernard Volken – our trademark attorney and IP specialist for trademark protection in Switzerland and internationally

Bernard Volken, lic. iur., lawyer erfolgswelle® AG
Our trademark law specialist:
Well connected internationally, a fighter for its brands, for and our Brands…
Bernard Volken – the “Chuck Norris” among trademark law experts.
  • Winner of the «ILO Client Choice Award 2014»
  • Winner of the «ILO Client Choice Award 2011»


  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • European Communities Trademark Association (ECTA)
  • European trade mark owners (MARQUES)
  • Bernese and Swiss Bar Association
  • Institute for Intellectual Property (INGRES)


English, German, French, Italian
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